Wordsworth college academic writing center

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Wordsworth college academic writing center

Coupled with attention to the fundamentals of research, including quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing effectively and accurately and citing sources correctly, using any of a number of forms for citations and works cited. Required of all first-year students with the exception of students who evince superior facility in written expression.

Required of all students. ENG Creative Writing for General Education Intended for students who are curious about creative writing and who want to exercise their imaginations in expressing themselves in writing. Students become familiar with the fundamental analytical tools for performing such readings, and apply those tools regularly to the readings in the course using them to write about the texts they have read.

wordsworth college academic writing center

Different sections of ENG focus on different texts, but in all cases students will exercise their interpretational and analytic skills. May be repeated with a new topic. This course also is designed to provide intermediate students of literature with a wide variety of critical skills and approaches.

While it is intended for English concentrators, other serious students of literature may enroll in the course with the permission of the instructor.

It also provides intermediate students with a wide variety of critical skills and approaches. The writers studied include: The course is intended for English concentrators, but other serious students of literature may enroll with the permission of the instructor.

ENG General Survey of American Literature As a survey of American literature and culture, this course introduces students to some of the major themes and writers in American history via discussion of a variety of wordsworth college academic writing center produced by American authors.

As a consequence, questions of canonicity and of the mutual shaping of canon and cultural expectations will be recurring themes of the course.

Offered alternate fall semesters. ENG Creative Writing A course designed to offer practical skills in various kinds of imaginative writing. A given course will address one of the following four genres: ENG Intermediate Grammar and Composition Intended for all students interested in writing, this course provides instruction in the theory and practice of English grammar, emphasizing the formal rules of grammar and their deployment in well constructed, organized and developed writing.

The course addresses current best practices and strategies for teaching the literature.

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Intended for students specializing in primary education. ENG Literature for Adolescents A survey of literature written for children in their high school years, with attention to the history of and generic variations in the literature. Intended for students specializing in secondary education.

Each section of the course provides students with the opportunity to focus on and to understand a distinct group, defined by geography, by historical period, or by class, race, ethnicity, gender, or nationality.

All works are read in translation. Special emphasis is on the relationship of these works to contemporary critical issues. Writers studied vary from year to year but always include most of the following: Offered in response to demand.

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ENG Introduction to the Historical Study of Language This course provides a survey of the historical development of the English language from Indo-European roots through dialects of Middle English to modern English dialects around the world.

The course also introduces linguistic terminology and theories, and debates socio-linguistic issues like African-American Vernacular English and the survival of minority languages.

This deceptively simple poem offered a literary response to the vexing questions of its era: This course will thoroughly introduces students to the literary masterpieces of Anglo-Saxon England, from Adbut will also examine the political and societal forces that created those masterpieces.

By the end of the course, students will have a solidworking knowledge of Old English. Basic instruction in Middle English pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar are given so that the student may read Chaucer in his own language. All of the texts are studied with reference to historical and cultural backgrounds.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers programs to promote independent, life-long learning for all students of Goshen College. Located in the Good Library (Rooms – ). Writing Center Peer Tutoring Program Assistance improving organizational & time management skills Access services for students with documented disabilities Sign Up for. The Academic Writing Centre is in a part of the College that is not wheelchair accessible. If you require wheelchair access, do not use the online booking service; instead, please email the Centre at [email protected] and we will arrange an off-site appointment for you. In this system, you may schedule, change, or cancel appointments with a writing, math or language tutor as well as an Academic Coach. The Writing Center is located in HUM The Academic Support Center is located in HUM

Primary emphasis is on a close reading of the plays, but the Elizabethan background and modern Shakespearean criticism are also studied. ENG Renaissance Literature Poetry, prose and drama, from the late 15th to the early 17th century.

Restoration and 18th Century Literature A survey of poetry, drama and prose from to intended to represent the formation of group identities as reflected in the literature. Monsters and Visions on the Brain The course begins with a study of some of the more important 18th century forerunners of Romanticism and continues with selected writers of the British Romantic period.

wordsworth college academic writing center

Alternates, spring semester, with ENG Literature of the Victorian Era The major writers of nonfictional prose, beginning with Carlyle, are studied in connection with the leading social, religious, intellectual and artistic movements of the age.

The poets, with major emphasis on Tennyson, R.The Writing Center at North Central College offers thoughtful support for writing, reading, and critical thinking across all classes.

Student tutors will consult with you on any aspect of the writing process, from grappling with assignments and jotting down ideas, to drafting and revising. Westminster Academic Success Center The Westminster Campus offers a variety of services to assist students in their courses, including one-on-one writing and math help, and a .

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Face-to-Face Tutoring. The Writing Center's peer and faculty tutors participate in a College Reading & Learning Association-certified training program and are eager to work with LIM College students at any stage of the writing process.

All students are encouraged to make regular use of academic support services to facilitate success in a rigorous academic environment. Tutors assist students with a focus on self-sufficiency so that students learn to work autonomously while building regardbouddhiste.comes for Students Writing and Math SupportThe College provides a staff of experienced professional tutors to any student in need of.

She is the author of Isolated Cases (Cornell University Press, ) and is currently writing a new book on representations of intimacy.

Among her other publications are essays on Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley, and Charles Dickens.

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