The lives and accomplishments of the computer pioneers chester bell david packard and bill gates

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Bill Gates - Computing History

A man that has made a tremendous difference in how we use technology today and how we will use it in the future. Who Is Bill Gates? An inventor, a multi-million-dollar businessman, a generous philanthropist, Bill Gates is all of these things and more.

Born inGates has retained the title as a leader in technology for the last 40 years due to his invention of Microsoft, the technology company that develops, licenses and manufactures software for computers.

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It also manufactures computers and other electronics. As technology evolved, Bill Gates has ensured that Microsoft has advanced with it. At the behest of his father, after finishing high school at the Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington, Gates entered Harvard as a freshman inbut soon dropped out in late Upon the success of the language, Bill moved to Albuquerque where Microsoft was later created.

Innovations in Technology Microsoft moved to Seattle in Next, in an effort to compete with Apple, Gates worked with programmers to develop a new operating system called Windows. Working tirelessly to continuously improve Windows, while also combining additional computer applications that ran seamlessly with the operating system, Gates created the operating system of choice.

Due to its popularity, not only did Windows positively impact the financial worth of Microsoft, but it made Bill Gates a billionaire.

Bill Gates and the Future With his extreme wealth and the technological impact of Microsoft, Bill Gates now has free reign to focus on his other passions as a venture capitalist and a philanthropist. While no longer the chairman of Microsoft, he is still making a difference.

Along with his wife Melinda, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of every individual on every continent.

Through their foundation they support maternal, newborn and child health, tobacco control, education, economic mobility, gender equality, global health initiatives, nutrition and more.

His goal is to make the world a better place. Gates realizes that just as his creation of technology had the ability to change the world, so can his immense wealth.Things That Bill Gates Invented When you log onto your computer and use Microsoft Word to write a class paper or open an Excel spreadsheet to organize your budget, you .

The lives and accomplishments of the computer pioneers chester bell david packard and bill gates

Bill Gates is an important part of the history of computers because he co-founded Microsoft, the world’s largest computer software company as of With the growing success of Microsoft, Gates has become one of the richest men in the world, with a net worth estimated at $ billion.

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see also. related subjects. Achievements. Biography. Bill Gates Chairman Microsoft Corporation. William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. In , Gates wrote “Business @ the Speed of Thought”, a book that shows how computer technology can solve.

Biography of pioneer David Packard from J.A.N.

The lives and accomplishments of the computer pioneers chester bell david packard and bill gates

Lee's book Computer Pioneers, updated. The Bill Gates Story: The Computer Genius Who Changed the World (Great Heroes Series) Paperback – August 20, by Studio Cheongbi (Author)5/5(3).

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