Strength and weakness of research paper

Sources Why you should listen to us I wrote the original version of this guide in earlyspending about 20 hours reading and researching the category. Since then, I have written guides to paper towels and facial tissueslearning a great deal about the paper manufacturing industry, recycling, and how paper products work and break apart. For this update, I put another 20 hours into researching a much wider array of brands and varieties. I also tested samples myself, along with soliciting people—half Wirecutter staffers, half outside testers—to try our top contenders.

Strength and weakness of research paper

Human-generated passwords[ edit ] People are notoriously poor at achieving sufficient entropy to produce satisfactory passwords. According to one study involving half a million users, the average password entropy was estimated at Thus, in one analysis of over 3 million eight-character passwords, the letter "e" was used over 1.

A uniform distribution would have had each character being used abouttimes. The most common number used is "1", whereas the most common letters are a, e, o, and r.

For example, Strength and weakness of research paper results obtained from a MySpace phishing scheme in revealed 34, passwords, of which only 8. This seems to suggest that all passwords must contain characters from each of several character classes, perhaps upper and lower case letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters.

In fact, such a requirement is a pattern in password choice and can be expected to reduce an attacker's "work factor" in Claude Shannon's terms.

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KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2 Where can I learn more about key reinstallation attacks? Do we now need WPA3?
Degenerative Myelopathy of German Shepherds Sources Why you should listen to us I wrote the original version of this guide in earlyspending about 20 hours reading and researching the category. Since then, I have written guides to paper towels and facial tissueslearning a great deal about the paper manufacturing industry, recycling, and how paper products work and break apart.
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This is a reduction in password "strength". A better requirement would be to require a password NOT to contain any word in an online dictionary, or list of names, or any license plate pattern from any state in the US or country as in the EU.

If patterned choices are required, humans are likely to use them in predictable ways, such a capitalizing a letter, adding one or two numbers, and a special character. This predictability means that the increase in password strength is minor when compared to random passwords.

A "bonus" of six bits is added if both upper case letters and non-alphabetic characters are used. A "bonus" of six bits is added for passwords of length 1 through 19 characters following an extensive dictionary check to ensure the password is not contained within a large dictionary.

Passwords of 20 characters or more do not receive this bonus because it is assumed they are pass-phrases consisting of multiple dictionary words. Using this scheme, an eight-character human-selected password without upper case letters and non-alphabetic characters is estimated to have 18 bits of entropy.

The NIST publication concedes that at the time of development, little information was available on the real world selection of passwords.

Later research into human-selected password entropy using newly available real world data has demonstrated that the NIST scheme does not provide a valid metric for entropy estimation of human-selected passwords.

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This can present a problem to an international traveler who wished to log into remote system using a keyboard on a local computer. Many hand held devices, such as tablet computers and smart phonesrequire complex shift sequences to enter special characters. Authentication programs vary in which characters they allow in passwords.

Some do not recognize case differences e. In the past few decades, systems have permitted more characters in passwords, but limitations still exist. Systems also vary in the maximum length of passwords allowed. As a practical matter, passwords must be both reasonable and functional for the end user as well as strong enough for the intended purpose.

Passwords that are too difficult to remember may be forgotten and so are more likely to be written on paper, which some consider a security risk. According to Bruce Schneiermost people are good at securing their wallets or purses, which is a "great place" to store a written password.

If key stretching is not used, passwords with more entropy are needed. RFC"Randomness Requirements for Security", presents some example threat models and how to calculate the entropy desired for each one.

A Georgia Tech Research Institute study based on unstretched keys recommended a character random password, but as a minimum length requirement. Inan Electronic Frontier Foundation project broke bit DES encryption in less than a day using specially designed hardware.

Common guidelines advocated by proponents of software system security include: Include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols if permitted.

Generate passwords randomly where feasible. Avoid using the same password twice e. Avoid character repetition, keyboard patterns, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, usernames, relative or pet names, romantic links current or past and biographical information e.

Avoid using information that is or might become publicly associated with the user or the account. Do not use passwords which consist wholly of any simple combination of the aforementioned weak components. Some guidelines advise against writing passwords down, while others, noting the large numbers of password protected systems users must access, encourage writing down passwords as long as the written password lists are kept in a safe place, not attached to a monitor or in an unlocked desk drawer.

Password cracking and List of the most common passwords As with any security measure, passwords vary in effectiveness i. For example, the difference in weakness between a dictionary word and a word with obfuscation i.

The examples below illustrate various ways weak passwords might be constructed, all of which are based on simple patterns which result in extremely low entropy, allowing them to be tested automatically at high speeds.: Lists of default passwords are widely available on the internet.When the pressure's on, the line between strength and weakness isn't always clear — drive becomes ruthless ambition, attention to detail becomes micromanaging.

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Strength and weakness of research paper

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