Jessops report

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Jessops report

The latest news is about the reason for the delays which gave us time to make the Jessops report requests. However, the relevant Govt. A new planning report has been written which includes these responses and the planning committee are scheduled to judge again on this application on Monday 25th Jessops report at 2pm.

At the time the vote was split on party political grounds, 4 Labour councillors in favour of demolition, 2 Lib Dems against. The new Amenity Society responses received are highly critical, and yet ….

You can read the planning report here. You can read both responses here.

Jessops report

It is not clear whether the Council For British Archaeology have now submitted a response, but at the time of writing of the planning report on 18th Feb this had not been received.

It is customary for the Amenity Societies which concern themselves with set periods to defer to societies whose periods of interest overlap with the case. That is why the Georgian and 20C Societies have not commented. One observation from AMS is notable — that something like this is virtually unheard of in this day and age; that in all of they are not aware of any such application for demolition of listed buildings being passed.

That is at a National level. This news about the amenity society consultations or lack of follows other revelations recently discovered via Freedom of Information requests. An email from the head of planning to his team, sent 28thJune, demonstrates a continued strong and principled position.

At the same time the University, knowing the planning officers had already effectively rebutted their plans, was actively engaging support from the politicians.

A meeting then took place on 13th July. Correspondence between the planning officers, the University and their agents that took place after this meeting takes on a much different tone.

Also of interest are emails which start in August where the University states its aim to hit the deadline for the application to be considered at the planning meeting of 17th December, just before everyone goes on holiday for Christmas.

As discussed we wish to hit the deadline for the planning committee on 17 December. I calculate this with a 13 week period as being Friday 21 September as the final deadline date.

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Some background information The Jessop Edwardian building is Grade II listed, of significant historical and architectural importance and great emotional significance for the people of Sheffield. Numerous experts and advisory panels have now objected to these plans.

In the final few weeks before that planning committee meeting and as the general public began to become aware of these plans, the feedback from the general public was resounding.

For every letter or email of support for the plans there were 14 against! The general public see the benefits clearly enough: We all value these gains, but we also see that similar and only slightly smaller gains can be had whilst preserving this precious piece of history and a rare example of architecture.

The application was to go on to the National Planning Casework Unit for them to assess as the Victorian Society, a statutory amenity society, had objected and during that assessment Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles would have the opportunity, if he saw fit, to call the application in for further consideration.

Six weeks on at time of writing 7th Feb the NPCU has yet to receive the required documentation to even begin considering the application.

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