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Since all of these tracks may have been recorded at different levels, the result could produce an overwhelming and confusing sound track. Use the Audio Mixing Room to mix all of the audio levels into a more harmonious sound track for your video. In-Track Audio Mixing You can manually change the level of volume at any point within an audio clip in the Timeline. To change the volume level of an audio track in the timeline, click on the audio level line at the point where you want to change the audio level to set a volume key.

Clip power

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These holes can be located by two small arrows on the underside of the track pointing towards the centre of the track.

You can also locate them by holding the track up to the light and looking at the track sideways on. Once located it is simple or not so to push the power clip between the sleepers and the rail making sure that the long arm goes under the second rail as well.

These holes are not found on points and some small or special sections of track. You do not need to use a power clip. Many railway modellers connect wires directly to the track usually by soldering.

Change Audio Clip Volume Levels

I found the best place to do this is at the joins between sections of track or by threading the wires through the gaps for the power clip and then fixing them in place with some solder. Power Clip Placement The point at which power is supplied to the track is very important.

Poor placement can result in areas of your layout not receiving power, if for example, a point is changed. In some circumstances this is desirable, for example, when you want to put one train into a siding and bring another one out.

Below is a simple double tracked layout, the areas in red indicate where not to put a power clip and the area in green indicates the most ideal place to locate a power clip. By locating the power clip in the green area you can power the loco from one oval to the other and then back on to the original oval, without stopping to change points.The Clip Grip Power is an ergonomic grip that allows users to easily mount their Joy-Con controllers and smartphone to better access the Nintendo Online App during play.

Clip power

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Power Point offers video editing functionality as well. No more do you have to spend ages editing in complicated software to get the length of the video clip correct. Notice the ‘Trim Video’ option on the left?

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