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Production InDisney was pitched to develop a movie called Army Ants, about a pacifist worker ant teaching lessons of independent thinking to his militaristic colony. Katzenberg suggested undeveloped concepts to DreamWorks he suggested or was involved with while he was at Disney, including an animated adaptation of The Ten Commandments, a collaboration with Aardman Animationsand presumably Army Ants.

Antz assign

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Hey, you're the boss. All you've got to do is send him out on a mission that's sure to get him killed. He'll die in action, and you'll have Plausible Deniability.

In some cases, this can be as subtle as giving the underling in question dangerous tasks that need to be done anyway, resulting in a win-win scheme —they'll probably die, which is great, but if they're successfulthat's fine too. Other times, the task might be a blatant setup solely for the purpose of killing them off, often going as far as Unfriendly Firedeliberately backstabbing or sabotaging them at a key moment or even simply leaving them in the lurch to ensure their death.

Either way, it's this trope and very much murder as far as guilt is concerned. If it's the hero who does this, which will make their role as hero very questionable, they're setting themselves up as in the Trope Namer for a What the Hell, Hero?

If it's done to the hero, Heaven help you if they should somehow not only survive but thrive on your Impossible Tasks. In those cases, you may have a Reassignment Backfire on your hands. See also Unfriendly Fire for a more hands-on approach that can work in both directions.

When you send someone out with an item that attracts danger, that's the Trouble Magnet Gambit.

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When that someone actually pulls it off, repeatedly, it's Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder. When you do this to yourselfit's Suicide by Cop. For extra irony as in the Trope Namercan be combined with Please Shoot the Messengerwhere "Uriah" has to deliver the instructions that will get them killed.

May overlap with Reassigned to Antarctica if the Antz assign is to guard or otherwise stay posted in an extremely dangerous area. In Claymorethe Organization reserves its most dangerous Antz assign for its most troublesome members. In Code Geass R2, Lelouch tries to get Rolo killed several times as punishment for replacing Nunnally it's unknown if he starts to reconsider due to Rolo's competence as a Black Ops agent, but then Rolo just had to murder his near-girlfriend Shirley out of both envy and wrongly-placed knowledgebut the little guy's a survivor.

For further irony, when Rolo did die, it was through a Heroic Sacrifice to save Lelouch's life after Lelouch admitted he had been trying to kill Rolo and that he'd never be Lelouch's real brother Haruhi Suzumiya - what do you do when your Data Interface gains emotions, but you can't kill her off lest the protective Badass Normal called Kyon convinces Haruhi to recreate the world and wipe you out?

Yang Wenli in Legend of Galactic Heroes was given the mission of taking the impregnable Iserlohn fortress with half a fleet after opposing the Patriotic Corps. He takes it without losing a single ally. Happens to Reinhard quite a few times. The first battle of the series was an attempt to get him killed by depriving him of most of his talented sub-commanders, then sending him into battle and arranging for the enemy to find out he's coming so they'll send a much larger fleet to stop him.

The first movie was an even more blatant attempt, where his commander sent his fleet out to the front of the battle unsupported, then gave the rest of his force orders to not worry about hitting friendlies when the shooting started. Just to make this clear, he was willing to kill over a thousand of his own ships and their crews just to see Reinhard dead.

Just like Yang, Reinhard turns it around on him. In the anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemistafter Lior's Destruction by Scar's Philosopher's Stone Array and Alphonse telling to Roy that Fuhrer King Bradley is a Homunculus, the main villain has Pride send Roy, his squad and Armstrong to another war, so one of the homunculi can shoot them during the battle and blame it on their enemies.

Happens more than once in Detective Conanwith the most spectacular case being the Diplomat Murder Case. So Isao used Yamashiro as a scapegoat in a fraud with help of his father Toshimitsuwaited until poor Yamashiro died in prison, and then went Comforting the Widow on Kimie.

This backfired years later, when Isao's son started dating Yamashiro and Kimie's long-lost daughter without knowing it, Isao had a Freak Out! The ship's Omniscient Council of Vagueness doesn't like that he's naturally immortal and wants to get rid of him, so they send him out on every mission that comes up hoping he'll get killed.

Of coursethis swiftly leads to Tanikaze becoming one of the most skilled and experienced soldiers on the ship, far too valuable to conveniently dispose of. Eventually he's being sent on dangerous missions not as an attempt to get him killed, but because he's the only one skilled enough to possibly succeed.

The original Mobile Suit Gundam actually displays a rare example of this being from the heroes side. The Federation refuses to send more soldiers to aid the White Base, the ship the protagonists reside on and composed primarily of rookie soldiers and civilians, because of the ships' growing reputation during the War.

They find that the White Base is the perfect decoy to distract Zeon from what the rest of Federation is up to. This is a rare instance when the David seems justified, however, as the Uriah had repeatedly demonstrated self-centered insubordination, which had directly lead to the death of several squadmates, so Zeheart can plausibly claim I Did What I Had to Do to his subordinates.

While the top brass of the Earth Alliance come from the Atlantic Federation, the military as a whole is pretty evenly split between them and the Eurasian Federation. While leaving a large force of mostly Eurasian Federation soldiers in the base as unsuspecting bait.

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This is also roughly the point where SEED ceases to be modern take on the original Mobile Suit Gundam where both sides are morally questionable but one side is clearly better than the other and into a flat-out Evil vs.May 16,  · Following the Toy Story (), Antz is the second fully computer-animated feature, preceding the release of Disney's all-CGI A Bug's Life by seven weeks.

Antz begins with worker ant Z. Computer animation is the process used for generating animated images. The more general term computer-generated imagery (CGI) encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images, while computer animation only refers to the moving images.

Modern computer animation usually uses 3D computer graphics, although 2D computer graphics are still used for stylistic, low bandwidth, and .

Antz assign

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