An argument in favor of legalizing gambling

Sheldon Adelson, one of the most prolific political donors of the super PAC era. Now that casinos have spread nationwide and allegedly shed their mafia ties, a new branch of the industry is fighting for legitimacy.

An argument in favor of legalizing gambling

Related stories SugarHouse casino alleges a rival made 'extortionate demands' The state's new law allowing six-packs to be sold in grocery stores and breweries has seriously diluted bar owners' once-lucrative takeout business — a trade that usually accounted for nearly half of the revenues at McStew's, said owner Tom Tyler.

He and other tavern owners around the state have a proposal for making up that lost revenue: Bring video gaming terminals to Pennsylvania's bars.

An argument in favor of legalizing gambling

A gambling package this year — which stalled out in Harrisburg — would have allowed video gaming terminals, or VGTs, in not just bars but also corner markets, veterans' halls, and almost anywhere with a liquor license. The machines offer games of chance with the promise of payout — or at least a shot of entertainment to go with your shot of whiskey.

The VGT issue has been a sticking point in state budget negotiations — and if casinos have their way, the machines would never arrive in Pennsylvania. They estimate that about 37, terminals could potentially be installed statewide.

He wondered why politicians "don't get it. Meanwhile, the casino industry has put out two anti-VGT ads, and Sands, which has a casino in Bethlehem, formed a group with the support of other unidentified casinos to lobby against it.

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In Illinois, crime went up in places with access to VGTs, according to University of Illinois researchers who studied what happened in the state after video gambling was introduced in many areas, although not Chicago. In spite of the major hurdles to legalization, the bar owners are heartened by Illinois' numbers, and say the machines are what their customers want.

Martin Hoeger, who runs Steam Pub in Southampton, said he was not worried the machines would bring crime to the area around his bar.

September 18, - 6:The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit heard oral arguments Wednesday on a controversial issue in New Jersey that has made headlines in recent months: the legalization of sports betting. [1]The hearing was for an en banc appeal featuring 12 judges who heard arguments on New Jersey’s plan.

The Republican Party's Pot Dilemma Most Americans favor legalizing marijuana, but most in the GOP do not. Can the party avoid being on the losing side of another culture war? Even if the argument had merit that allowing states to legalize online gambling undermines laws in other states, it would not justify federal legislation on the issue.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given any authority to regulate activities such as online gambling. Arguments in Favor Gambling Stimulates the Economy Healthy, well-regulated gambling attracts players with money.

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True, a good portion of that money flows into the casino, but a good portion of it flows to restaurants, stores and local services too. Questions and Answers on Legalizing Drugs.

An argument in favor of legalizing gambling

During the last several months, I have engaged in numerous discussions concerning legalizing drugs with a variety of people including a college professor, engineering executive, fellow officer, construction worker, salesperson, and government manager.

The “boost to the local economy” argument is one we’re going to hear a lot more of as the US Supreme Court nears a decision about legalizing sports betting across the US. It can only be a matter of time before states are offering tax concessions to attract sports betting companies, a move that is already paying big dividends in taxes for.

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